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This is a neural network.

Neurons are distributed randomly over the area, and then connected at random to their neighbours.

The neuron in the top left corner is 'excited', and a wave of excitation spreads through the dendrites (connections). When a neuron is activated it grows in size and colour.

Enterprise Technology

Design, Build & Run Bespoke AI & ML Solutions

At AltViz, we design, build and run bespoke Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions for Enterprise clients in the Finance, Insurance, and Retail & E-commerce industries.

Our team can deliver an end to end outsourced service – from feasibility and proof of concept, to productionisation, including the ongoing maintenance of the AI/ML solution.

Our solutions utilise best of breed open source technologies, can be deployed using agile techniques in any hyperscale cloud, and are not limited by legacy technology platforms.

Meaning you can access the benefits of real time insights, recommendation engines or even automated outcomes without investment in additional hardware, software or infrastructure.

Our Data Pledge

Your data is our number one priority: Read our Customer Data Pledge.


Predict dynamic customer response times and infer complex case handling within claims processing.

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Retail & E-Commerce

Monitor omnichannel product performance and optimise sales.

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Financial Services

Intelligent operations, real time performance monitoring, information driven decisions.

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Innovative use of containerisation enables rapid cloud deployment


Can be deployed on any cloud or infrastructure


Unlimited scalability integral to the technology design


Wrap around your existing infrastructure and distributed data sets


Solution development led by our agile data science team


Best of breed algorithmic approach, unique to your needs


Complete end to end offering - design, build and run

An Executive's Primer on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

A detailed, but, accessible guide for non-experts on the potential and practicalities of applying AI to your business.

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An Executive's Guide to Machine Learning

Machine Learning Guide

What is Machine Learning? How does it work? And, how can you apply it most effectively in your company? We answer these questions and more.

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A Primer on Intelligent Applications for P&C Insurance Claims Processing

AltViz Team
A Primer on Intelligent Applications for P&C Insurance Claims Processing Whitepaper

In this whitepaper we examine a practical application of AI & Machine Learning to the claims process in P&C insurance. The business rationales that drive it, the data requirements and ongoing benefits that accrue from it, and the infrastructure considerations that need addressing to maximise returns.

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