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The market is composed of 'customer' agents (the little blobs) who are attracted to 'products' (the white circles).

The customer's preferences change over time, and they move to new products. They are modelled as BOIDS - like a shoal of fish, they aim to move together, but avoid direct contact if they can.

Retail & E-commerce

Build Real Time Insights, Automation & Feedback into your Business

Marketplace optimisation that never sleeps:

AltViz Intelligent Marketplace Solutions

Our first Enterprise client was eBay. Now over 1000 enterprise merchants have used our Intelligent Marketplace Solutions to optimise their OmniChannel sales.

Whether it’s a marketplace listing recommendation engine, OmniChannel performance monitoring or something more bespoke to your e-commerce ecosystem, AltViz can help automate, optimise and realise the benefits of data driven decision making.

Optimise sales across multiple marketplaces:

CMX by AltViz - Our OmniChannel Performance Monitoring Engine

Managing products, performance and stock across multiple marketplaces or platforms is a complex, resource/data intensive task. Our performance monitoring engine will take the pain out of identifying under-performance, outliers and prospective sales opportunities across all of those platforms.

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Supercharge your Catalogue Inventory:

The AltViz Intelligent Catalogue Solution

Online inventories are changing all the time. Increasingly, we need AI tools to track and optimise inventory across the web.

Our Intelligent Catalogue Engine works in the background, giving you critical real-time insights as soon as your inventory changes.

Use our fully customisable engine to:

  • Get new inventory online fast
  • Optimise your organic search traffic
  • Use your internal search engine to prioritise new inventory

Retail Analytics - Advanced Analytics in a Retail Setting

Gartner Analytics Maturity Model

The implication is that the most valuable type of analytics are the most difficult to produce. We will look at each of these areas in turn and detail the mistakes that we have seen companies make over and over again.

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An Executive's Primer on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

A detailed, but, accessible guide for non-experts on the potential and practicalities of applying AI to your business.

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An Executive's Guide to Machine Learning

Machine Learning Guide

What is Machine Learning? How does it work? And, how can you apply it most effectively in your company? We answer these questions and more.

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We integrate our Intelligent Engines on top of your existing IT infrastructure:



Connect to your data lake or warehouse environment



Map your data to our Models



Tailor our algorithms to the context of your marketplace



Push the results back into your organisation, wherever they add the most value