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We would love to say that this is a complex algorithm doing highly advanced calculations. But, actually, it's just a random swirl of bubbles.

Marketplace Performance Optimisation

Track Top Sellers & Optimise Your Performance

Performance Optimisation

Designed for fast growth high volume eBay retailers who are looking for more scalable and robust performance analytics.

Chart your sales & revenue and compare to Top eBay sellers. Use powerful filters to drill down and focus on the numbers that matter to your store. Get insights into how and why other sellers are outperforming you on ebay.

Benchmark Your Sales

Quickly locate your best and worst performing categories across your entire ebay store. Drill down and compare your performance against to the Top Sellers in your category.

You can also continually monitor for big swings in your performance and watch how your newest listings and categories are trending versus the best sellers out there.

Once you've identified weak spots in your performance take immediate action through our personalised recommendations on Title Keywords and Item Specifics.

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