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An AI Layer that leverages existing IT investment

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AI Layer

Turning your Big Data into specific, intelligent actions, at the speed and scale that you need

What the AltViz AI Layer can do for your business

  • Provide you with scalable performance
  • Turn your big data into specific actions
  • Constantly learning and improving

Intelligent Applications, tailored to your industry, to solve your industry specific problems.

AltViz has deployed several intelligent applications into a number of industries, based on our flexible AI Layer technology.

The AltViz AI Layer and Intelligent Applications sit on-top of your existing IT infrastructure


The AltViz AI Layer sits on-top of your existing stores of data, and pushes results into your existing BI tooling


Intelligent Applications are delivered on top of the AltViz AI Layer


Each Application focuses on a specific problem in a dedicated industry


Our Data Science Engineers select each AI algorithm based on your specific industry and problems


Each application is custom-trained for each individual customer to maximise learning and value for the long-term

An AI Layer that fits your organisation


Realtime Event Capture

Speed-up decision-making
Instant answers
Adapt quicker, stay nimble


Publish Analytics to many common BI Solutions

Leverage existing BI investment (no lock-in)
The data you need, when you need it
Demolish data barriers withing the organisation


Custom AI Model - prediction using your internal content & data

Use prediction to allocate resources better
Run a leaner, tighter ship
Reduce nasty surprises, preempt crises

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Get Ahead of the Enterprise Technology Curve

The New Enterprise Technology Formula

Big Data + Machine Learning + Cloud

Big Data

Horizontal Scaling to any data size

Machine Learning

Accelerate your Humans


Increased Scale, Decreased Headaches

Intelligent Insurance Claims Application

Accelerate the insurance claims process

Improve customer service while reducing cost-to-serve, all without costly infrastructure changes. Streamline your claims processing whilst lowering your costs.

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Intelligent Catalogue Application

E-commerce Catalogues can hide millions in sluggish inventory.

Get revenue-driving inventory insights the instant your catalogue changes.

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