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We would love to say that this is a complex algorithm doing highly advanced calculations. But, actually, it's just a random swirl of bubbles.

Automate Quality Assurance

Reduces Insurance Reserve Volatility By Improving FNOL QA

Designed for Claims Teams

Designed specifically for high volume claims teams, IPQ is an automated claims auditing system that reduces the volatility of loss reserves and enhances quality assurance processes for large P&C insurers.

The system is based on AltViz’s proprietary voice-to-text algorithms which we have created specifically to review insurance claims.

Multiple Data Sources

The system processes voice-data, together with workflow call-notes from your claims handling systems, to identify cases where reserves are potentially incorrect. We also support wider QA processes such as supporting call handler performance and training, on-going regulatory compliance and service up-selling.

The system is enterprise grade, can scale to handle teams of any size or volume of claims and can be deployed on-premise so that your data never leaves your secure environment.