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We would love to say that this is a complex algorithm doing highly advanced calculations. But, actually, it's just a random swirl of bubbles.


Build Real Time Insights, Automation & Feedback into your Business

Make your claims triage process quicker & smarter:

Accelerate the insurance Claims Process

Improve customer service while reducing cost-to-serve, all without costly infrastructure changes.

The quality of the claims process directly affects your customers decision to remain and renew their policies – yet distributed systems, regulatory change and legacy internal process all act as barriers to a swift, seamless claims process.

Our Machine Learning Solutions can remove some of the resource intensive, repetitive and administrative burden associated with claims processing – enabling your employees to focus on high value, strategic or specialist tasks that cannot be handled by software.

With no need for investment in hardware or software, the ability to overcome siloed data sets and to automate process - our claims processing engine can help deliver a more efficient and effective customer claims experience.

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Our claims processing engine will:

  • Filter and finds the more complex cases that require your experts’ intervention, and present it straight to them - reducing staff admin burden and speeding-up processing times.
  • Works with and alongside your existing processes and technology - no expensive, wholesale process or technology changes needed.

So that you can benefit from increased revenue, market share and/or share of wallet, Improved customer satisfaction and increased retention rates.

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Increase Efficiencies, Enhance Growth, Improve Customer Experience

Claims processing is just one of the areas where AltViz solutions can be deployed. There are a large number of administrative activities, decision making or internal processes that could benefit from the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.