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This is a neural network.

Neurons are distributed randomly over the area, and then connected at random to their neighbours.

The neuron in the top left corner is 'excited', and a wave of excitation spreads through the dendrites (connections). When a neuron is activated it grows in size and colour.


Analyse, Deploy
& Optimise

Intelligent Operations

Combine the power of machines, the value in your data and your human expertise

Correlating data, streamlining process, supporting information analysis and achieving automation of these resource intensive activities are all routes to achieving a more efficient, effective and profitable operation.

Whether it’s facilitating real time data analysis to the portfolio manager or automating high volume, low value activities in the research team, our machine learning solutions can play a valuable role.

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Continuous Transaction Legitimacy

In the world of technological development, continuous deployment has long been recognised as the most agile route to delivering results. Artificial Intelligence techniques can facilitate the same real time approach to transaction legitimacy – be that risk, security or fraud.

Machine Learning techniques can actively learn and identify in real time potential (or actual) security threats or fraud risk, through the detection of irregular behaviours and dissident actions – flagging the appropriate people, informing specific systems or initiating automated processes.

Interpretability in Machine Learning

Graph of Interpretability vs Accuracy for various Machine Learning approaches

Interpretability is the ability to explain to a human being how a machine learning algorithm came to its decision. Why is this important, and how might it impact your business?

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An Executive's Primer on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

A detailed, but, accessible guide for non-experts on the potential and practicalities of applying AI to your business.

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An Executive's Guide to Machine Learning

Machine Learning Guide

What is Machine Learning? How does it work? And, how can you apply it most effectively in your company? We answer these questions and more.

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