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We would love to say that this is a complex algorithm doing highly advanced calculations. But, actually, it's just a random swirl of bubbles.

Automation using AI

CMX delivers process automation to Retailers & Consumer Goods companies

User-Friendly Automation

CMX enables any user in a retail organisation to quickly automate repetitive operational processes. It monitors for complex events occurring across disparate silos of internal and external data.

Key CMX Features:

  • Easily connect with leading ERP, POS and e-commerce systems.
  • CMX web-portal enables non-technical users to quickly combine complex business events and desired actions into automated processes.
  • Processes can trigger the notification of events across teams, suppliers and customers via email, SMS or Slack.
  • Processes can also be designed to amend prices, order new inventory or move stock automatically around a supply chain.

Business-Friendly Implementation

Our systems are designed around these four principles:

  • Configurable to your technology landscape
  • Flexible deployment on your choice of infrastructure
  • Scalable to handle data of any size or shape
  • Practical application of machine learning and AI technologies

We start small and build out. Therefore the first step we take with your business is to establish the scope of a Proof Of Concept (POC). Get in touch today to explore how we can work together to scale your business processes.

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