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We would love to say that this is a complex algorithm doing highly advanced calculations. But, actually, it's just a random swirl of bubbles.

Automation using AI

CMX Delivers Retailers The Route From Data To Profit

Internal & External Data

CMX is a complex event processing system, designed and built by AltViz, dedicated to retailers, Global Brands and FMCGs. It delivers enterprise grade task automation across teams and data silos, which means faster reactions to customers and their changing business needs.

Connect to your internal and external data sources, easily map to the CMX retail data model and let CMX normalise and surface the attributes across your entire product catalogue.


CMX provides business-friendly access that allows teams and individuals across the organisation define complex events, specific to their role and current priorities.

Users can create alerts and define next actions, which can range from simply sharing data with internal or external stakeholders in team communication channels, CRM systems, email or SMS. More complex actions could include dynamic inventory restocking or planogram compliance monitoring.

Over time the complex algorithms in CMX learn more about what's relevant to your retail business and begin to support event creation and task automation through recommended threshold definition and possible event suggestions.