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Outline Colour

This is a neural network.

Neurons are distributed randomly over the area, and then connected at random to their neighbours.

The neuron in the top left corner is 'excited', and a wave of excitation spreads through the dendrites (connections). When a neuron is activated it grows in size and colour.

AltViz design & build innovative enterprise analytics products that result in better decisions, faster.

We are proud to have created the following state-of-the-art products which will improve your organisationā€™s performance.


As a B2B enterprise technology company, AltViz continually explore different use-cases and industries where we can deliver real value to our customers through product innovation.

Our products deliver tangible benefits to our global customers, especially in this rapidly evolving world where automation and robotic processing are superseding traditional forms of analytics and business intelligence.

Our customers are constantly challenging themselves to move faster, break down silos and make better decisions. At AltViz we assist our customers in succeeding through our innovative analytics and automation systems.

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