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Intelligent Applications That Maximise Revenue

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Reduce Costs & Drive Revenue

Leverage your current assets with our Intelligent Applications layered on-top of your existing IT infrastructure.

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Intelligent Insurance Claims Application

Accelerate the insurance claims process

Improve customer service while reducing cost-to-serve, all without costly infrastructure changes. Streamline your claims processing whilst lowering your costs.

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Intelligent Catalogue Application

E-commerce Catalogues can hide millions in sluggish inventory.

Get revenue-driving inventory insights the instant your catalogue changes.

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What the AltViz AI Layer can do for your business

Turning your Big Data into specific, intelligent actions, at the speed and scale that you need.

  • Providing you with scalable performance
  • Turning your big data into specific actions
  • Constantly learning and improving

An AI Layer that leverages your existing IT investment.

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Reduce Costs & Drive Revenue in Your Industry


Solve inventory allocation and listing optimisation within global marketplaces

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Retail & Brands

Solve listing monitoring and search engine indexing within large product catalogues

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Predict dynamic customer response times and infer complex case handling within claims processing

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Process natural language into churn prevention activities within customer marketing

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Asset Management

Convert thousands of features into ranked lists of potential investments using research data

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Identify product creation opportunities with index providers and fund creators

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