AltViz is an emerging leader in enterprise technology. Global organisations, such as IDEO and eBay, rely on AltViz's custom approach to accelerate big data innovation and data science development outside of the typical enterprise confines - a concept we've termed Productised Innovation.

Productised Innovation

AltViz's proprietary methodology for addressing intractable business problems using data and process engineering.

Developed in response to the challenges faced by our customers, the team at AltViz applies elements of Agile Methodology, and The Lean Startup, together with our own insights to deliver innovative solutions to transform existing data into strategic, actionable insights. The way we work is nimble, iterative, collaborative, scalable, and of the highest standards.

Analysis and definition of an organisational challenge
Identification of data relevant to the problem domain
Solution development using machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence
Rapid hypothesis creation and iteration
Data visualisation for effective presentation
Continuous improvement with structured feedback loops


Visualising Text Using Graphs

We were asked by Bitext, a company that specialises in large-scale text analysis using Deep Linguistics Analysis, to make a bespoke visualisation that would allow them to express the output of their text analytics service.

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London Business Analytics Group - Talk Notes

Last evening I was privileged to speak at the London Business Analytics Meetup. The talk was titled "An Introduction to Predictive Analytics". I promised the audience that due to my lack of slides I'd summarise my comments into a reference blog with some interesting links and resources to refer to.

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