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Our AltViz Catalogue Machine Learning Engine helps global organisations like eBay: increase revenue, drive operational speed and efficiency, and lower costs.

How does it achieve these results?

AltViz Catalogue Machine Learning Engine (AltVizML) is a new approach to inventory management: magnifying the impact of your experts' human insight with powerful, self-learning automation.

Who is it for?

AltVizML is designed for use in industries with large scale, fast-moving catalogues of inventory, for example:

Scales to handle millions of items

Rationalises existing fragmented processes into a single system

Automatically tailors recommendations to your customer base at scale

Flexible data ingestion

Integrates with existing BI and Analytics tools

Is proven to generate increased catalogue performance

How does it work?

AltVizML provides your inventory managers with a constantly updated stream of prioritised actions and analytics.

  1. Processes your product, performance, and customer behaviour data
  2. Creates prioritised recommendations for actions to take, and improvements to make
  3. Measures the resulting impact of your changes
  4. Learns and refines its understanding of how actions influence desired results
  5. Repeats the whole process in an ongoing, automatic feedback loop of Doing, Measuring, Learning

For Example: How this applies in Retail

Test Product characteristics such as:

Monitor the impact of testing on:

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Who are AltViz?

We are a world-class team of engineers, data scientists and product designers, based in London and Cork, who have been crafting cutting-edge enterprise technology products since 2013.



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